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Jan. 6th, 2015

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Sep. 5th, 2011

Moderator Post

I know I've not posted since January, which is just bad of me. But I've been extremely ill, I'm dealing with some heavy things and spending a lot of times going in and out of hospitals. I do have a bunch of icon batches I need to post, and once I do I'm not sure how many more will get posted because I've also recently had to get a new laptop because my old one died and I've yet to be able to find the cash to be able to purchase my Coral Paint Shop Pro, and have not be able to successfully transfer my old version of it from my busted computer to my new one. This is not me saying I'm going to stop making icons, after four years with this journal, that's not going to happen. But consider this an official hiatus post, unsure when I will be back but I promise, I will be back.
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Jan. 15th, 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg

I know! I know! I'm sorry! Every time i post icons of her i promise that it'll be the last time, yet i always some back with more. What can i say, i'm addicted lol. Luckily this is a small batch, but because i iconed only one photoshoot. These were an adorable batch of photos she did for Christmas, i know, why am i posting them in January, i dunno, because i'm lazy when it comes to my icon posts? Lol, at least i'm honest.

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Elise Estrada

Oh Elise, how hot you are lol. This is another Canadian singer who isn't all that well known in the States, although she is known in the Philippines i think, because she was born there and she travels there a lot. Anywho, almost all of these are from her music videos, there are only a couple that aren't. They cover like three or four years, hence her hair changing color from black to brown to bleach blonde.

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Taylor Swift

More Taylor Swift, i know, she's one of the most over iconed person around these days. But i love her, she's this stunning creature that's just got an amazing presence to her. Most of these icons are pretty recent, half of them are from her new music video which is beautiful, and some of them are from the movie she did called Valentines Day, i think that's what it's called at least. And the rest are photoshoots, again, most of the shoots are recent, the last couple of months kind of recent.

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Rhodri Lewis

Small batch alert! Lol, this is the lovable and too cuddly looking Rhodri. He's not done much in way of his career, but he was in Torchwood as Ianto Jones' brother in law Johnny. A character that did not get anywhere near enough screen time because Johnny was epic and funny, and needs to be played in Torchwood games more. So these are all icons from Torchwood: Children of Earth. Because of that there are a couple other actors and such in the icons with him, but if you're using him for Jonnhy then his family is a must anyway ^_^

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Skye Bennett

This kid is quite the little actress, really adorable, talented and extremely under used. In both movies/TV as well as in the RPG world, she's got the look of that young to mid teen that so many people use the same four PB's for, aka Jodelle, Dakota, Abigail and Anna Sophia. Not that i don't love those PB's, hell i use three of them, but i also use Skye. Now please excuse the coloring on some of them, okay, on nearly all of them. The first bit was from Torchwood and she was lit in orange and red there for some reason, as for the rest, she was in the darkest freaking horror movie ever. And i don't mean dark as in scary, i just mean badly lit. The movie in and of itself was actually really tame and all in all, a whole big old WTF clusterfuck, made no sense. Not worth the ten bucks i wasted on it from iTunes lol, but if you feel the need to check it out yourself, it's called Dark Floors.

Oh! And an FYI, i did accidentally cap the movie backward, so the icons go from end to beginning. And i promise you, numbers 47 to 53 are suppose to be that color, she was all shiny and angelic, that was nothing i did to the icons.

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